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Have you been looking for a solution since some time on how to open a real bank account in the USA online?

This was the case of some people who have contacted us in the past months and requested an advice …

Solution developed for you!

Heard a thousand times: Actually, you cannot open a bank account in the USA online from abroad.

This is because of the fact that the banking system in the USA is partly considerably different from the Germany one and on the other hand the fact that US banks do not advertise to motivate foreign customers.

Moreover, an online account opening is unusual in the United States.

Legitimating via a video chat, such as offered by the DKB or Comdirect, does almost not exist in the United States.

But what can you do, if you really want to have a bank account in the United States?

1. The easiest solution: go there!

You simply fly to the USA and look for a bank that accepts customers with a residence abroad.

It should be a bank that sends the bank card and further documents to Germany, if you do not have an address with mail forwarding service.

Level of difficulty: medium (doable with a little research and a little luck).

At this point, the article could be finished, if there would not be readers, who wrote us that they cannot make a trip to the USA at the present time and foreseeable future.

They needed a US bank account as soon as possible.

The most common reasons that have been mentioned were:

  • for the setup of a US PayPal-account,
  • for investing money in US-Dollars (see the topic “Deposit Guarantee” further below!)
  • for online shops (USD credit card number).

Fast account opening is preferred!

2. The most convenient solution: account opening through us

Granted, we have needed a couple of months to find a really good solution for our readers. Despite our good network of contacts, countless research hours were invested and I personally flew twice to the USA to make the deal perfect!

Exclusively for our readers, we can arrange the bank account opening in the United States from Germany.

Do you agree with the scope of data?

  • Free checking account
  • Free MasterCard (debit card)
  • Free checkbook (25 checks)
  • Free online access to the account
  • Account opening possible from Germany!

Important note

The account management is permanently free of charge, if at least US-Dollars 500 are in the account.

Please only read further, if you are willing to deposit US-Dollars 500 and keep it in the bank account as a base amount, because we only open accounts for people who agree with this requirement.

It does not make sense for the bank neither for us to open “empty” bank accounts. You can imagine that there are costs for account management, MasterCard and checks, even if the bank does not charge you!

3. Requirements for the account opening

  • Legitimating documents

    You need a valid passport and driver’s license or ID-card as a second proof of identity. Additionally, a consumption bill where your address is provided is necessary, for example a water, electricity or gas bill.

  • Minimum deposit

    For the free account management, US-Dollar 500 must be in the account. In order to save you and us worries, we do not open any accounts below this threshold.

  • Use on own name

    The account opening will solely take place in the name of a natural person – not the name of a company.

    Exception: You have established a LLC for purchasing property in the USA (various lawyers and tax consultants recommend the purchase in an LLC). In this case, the checking account can be managed in the name of the LLC.

4. What advantages does a bank account in the USA have?

The emphasis of the advantages is, of course, very individually. If someone needs this account to open a US PayPal account, then this is simply a must for him/her. That is plausible.

Regarding the investment in US-Dollars, it is the deposit guarantee.

Foreign currency accounts – whether in USD or other currencies – are not covered by the deposit guarantee in either Germany or in other EU countries!

Many investors do not know this!

The Euros 100,000 deposit guarantee always refers to deposits in Euros!

Please savor this for a second: If your bank in Europe gets bankrupt, you will get your account balance in full refunded (guaranteed up to Euros 100,000 per account holder) within 7 banking days.

Your foreign currency deposits at the bank are lost!

This is exactly the opposite in the USA. Balances in US accounts are insured up to US-Dollars 100,000!

Note: 100 % secure are EUR-accounts in the EU and USD-accounts in the USA!

There are people, who open an account in the USA in order to use it as an emergency account. However, that would be material for a new separate article!

Are there also disadvantages?

I would rather say that there are things you should know. For example, the US-American banking system is not as “modern” as the German!

Many Americans continue to work with checks. These are the payment orders on printed forms, which one fills with a pen. We also used this system a long time ago. 😉

Additionally, bank transfers are quite expensive in the USA (we will show you a few tricks on how you can do international transfers cheaper on our special portal).

The online banking is by far not as comprehensive as we are used to in Germany. That is why I prefer to call it online access to the account.

However, who wants to establish privately or commercially in the USA will probably have little choice but get along with the US banking system, right?


Account openings in the USA have become increasingly difficult in recent years. If one goes personally there, one can find good solutions with a little luck.

For those who want to save this expense or currently are not able to travel, we have developed a solution: account opening from Germany.

US Bankkonto

You get a true US bank account with:

  • Free account opening at a minimum deposit of USD 500,
  • Free debit-MasterCard,
  • Free checkbook,
  • Free online access.

We offer the assistance for the account opening exclusively to our readers. You can find the order form here ► Safe order form for US bank accounts.

Note 1: Please note that the linked offer is only for German-speaking prospectives (offering area: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

Note 2: In the process of account opening, the bank asks you to state your job position and your annual income. These requests are based on US regulations.

Q&A: Questions and Answers

a) Is the account opening possible from Austria or Switzerland?

Yes, we can also do the account opening for Austrians and Swiss people.

If you have a different nationality or your place of residence is in another country, then please ask before you order, whether the account opening is possible in your case.

We can offer the account opening to German citizens with residence abroad and with mailing address to almost every country.

b) Does the bank offer its services in German language?

Generally, US banks communicate in English. The contract documents, online access and communication is performed in English. Partly, also Spanish is possible.

For special requests, please contact us and we will take care of a German reply (only applies to clients).

c) Can I open a savings account?

Yes, there are different savings accounts.

In most cases, we do not recommend them, because the interest rates are currently so low in the USA that it is almost not worthwhile at all. Additionally, you would have the hassle of having to declare investment income abroad in the tax return, and would offer your tax office possibly reasons for closer inspection.

Debit card and checkbook to US bank account

You can hold such a US debit card, as well as a checkbook, soon in your hands. The online access to the account is sent by e-mail.

Further questions?

Please use the comments box. Many Thanks!

Tip: You will probably get feedback earlier using the comments feature of the German version of this article, as this is the focus of this special portal.

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