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Buy forest in Paraguay from Euros 970

29.6.2016:  You will learn on this page, why Paraguay is the best place in the world to invest in wood! Information on wood investments is provided by Miller Forest Investment AG (free information booklet can be requested, see details at the end of the article or here: Miller Forest is the largest reforestation company in Paraguay. On … read more

Transfer money: USA - Germany

Transfer money: USA ► Germany

2.6.2016:  We automatically provide our customers, after they have opened their US bank account, with an instruction on how to transfer money from Germany to the USA. Since the first ones have already enquired after a good possibility to send money from the USA back to Germany again, we now offer an instruction for that in the “public” … read more

Deposit guarantee in the USA

Deposit guarantee in the USA

1.5.2016:  The most important points first: Money on your checking or savings account at every US bank is guaranteed for an amount up to 250,000 USD In case of a bankruptcy of the bank, you can expect a 100 % refund of your money, up to the guaranteed amount of 250,000 USD and within a few days. Deposits beyond … read more

us bank account with debitcard

Open US-bank account online

24.1.2016:  Have you been looking for a solution since some time on how to open a real bank account in the USA online? This was the case of some people who have contacted us in the past months and requested an advice … Solution developed for you! Heard a thousand times: Actually, you cannot open a bank account … read more

bank account to emigrate

How to prepare your bank account optimally for the emigration!

9.12.2015:  The first article of this new special portal does not start in America, but in Germany. This is out of practical reasons, as a successful (partially) emigration to another continent requires good preparation. You can ask for advice at professional assistants and distribute the necessary tasks to several people. Of course, there are also people, who want … read more


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